IT Solutions


Web Hosting

Southwind-Data offers robust web hosting solutions with 24/7 support and top-notch security measures to keep your website online and protected.

WordPress hosting

We setup and host for you a secure wordpress instance with ssl encryption included

Plesk/cPanel hosting

Host your very own Plesk or cPanel instance.

VPS hosting

Setup your own full stack webserver


Infrastructure Monitoring

We monitor your infrastructure around the clock, detecting and resolving issues before they impact your business operations, ensuring seamless performance.


Device Management

We will monitor your critical systems to ensure you have the latest updates, system patches and watch for potential hardware failure to minimize downtime.

Uptime Monitoring

Using the latest monitoring technologies we can keep an eye on your business to make sure your website is up and your business is flowing.


Cybersecurity Services

Our cybersecurity experts conduct thorough analyses to identify and neutralize potential threats, enhancing your data security and privacy.


Vulnerability Patching

We ensure your systems have the latest updates to patch the newest cyber attack vectors

Incident Response

When disaster strikes and malware makes its way into your systems. We are masters at our craft and will ensure your systems are clean and the threat removed.

Proactive Threat Scans

All of our support packages include Anti-Virus. We take threats of malware very seriously.


Data Storage Solutions

From cloud to on-premises solutions, we optimize storage to meet your data needs, ensuring accessibility, scalability, and data integrity.


Online Storage Solutions

Need somewhere to offload data? We'll help you store it online.

Local Storage Solutions

Don't trust Google, Microsoft or Amazon to store your data? We can help you with an onsite Network Storage solution.

System and File Backups

Accidentally delete something? We can help you with backups so that you're never missing that critical document again.

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